Day starts at midnight and ends at 12:00 a.m. At this period, as a rule, comes the night, the sunrise, the sunset, evening and night.  What fills the day? The sky events (the moon, planets, the sun, the stars and the space between them, black holes, dark matter, asteroids etc, and also the atmosphere). Natural phenomena of the Earth (its surface, consisting of land and water, subsoil, hidden under it). The liveliness of various forms of life.  Each new day differs from all others. And the main difference is that it exists at the period, when some have already ended, and others have not come yet. The first ones have practically disappeared, and no one can say anything definite about the second ones. That is why, not relying on many other reasons, it is better to keep the day as an information unit.


From the dawn of time man wanted to conquer time. He dreamed and still dreams of traveling in time. Will the trip in time help? I don't think so.  Having conquered the land, water, air, and space, he did not come any closer in conquering time. And will he? 

Now the main hopes are related to the development of soft technology.  The possible environment for the existence of digital human consciousness is the system that uses the day as an information unit.



The task of the system is to approach real life from the point of view of man. By purchasing day (days) together with rights, man assumes the obligation of its (theirs) information content. Something he came through, something he learned from different sources, or something, that is planned or is expected in the future.

Various extremist, brutal, humiliating the honor and dignity of other users of the system records will be deleted, and, if repeated, a user will restore the access right to the information content of the day with the recommendation of its subtraction. 

The system allows you to make a purchase of days from the future. There you can display predictions. The system will evolve, enhance protection, including the physical destruction of the "black box" in the planes.